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I can’t breathe!



heard you were talkin shit

I am torn between laughing so much and acutely feeling the pain of the owners of that shoji door. XD<333

The paper never looks right or the same after you replace bits of it. XD

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he finally crashed

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just because im not talking about star trek doesnt mean im not thinking about it

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Hello! I am sorry guys, I was soooo tired yesterday that I didn’t upload more pics of the painted headsculpt. Well, as I said, this is my first time painting, so in the way I did some mistakes, but thank God this isn’t the final thing. I think because of the dark primer coat, I lost lots of details of the sculpt, specially the skin texture, also I made his cheeks very flushed, but, yup! not bad for a first time.

BTW guys, I need at last 10 people to keep going with the project, please if you are in, send me a PM so I can contact you through email.



So dramatic!


WTF cosplay O_O

Khan you’re drunk, go home!


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A few gifs from the STID Itunes bonus features (finally I can gif it yay!)

 He was the best of the tyrants and the most dangerous. They were supermen in a sense. Stronger, braver, certainly more ambitious, more daring.



I’m not sorry for this. I feel so powerful and incredible in this cosplay. Like I see myself and I just feel like I am nailing it.

Me as Khan Noonien Singh as seen in Space Seed.

I need to adjust the beads and add the gold to the collar.

*-* It looks more awesome with each new photo!
I love that you added the gold thingie (my English vocabulary is failing me XD), it looks so perfect asdfghjkl; \*-*/


"you should have let us sleep"

More Poke’Trek


I’m not into Pokemon, but this is beautifully drawn!

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I currently alternate between being stuck in this annoying cryotube and running around fangirling various series.♥

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