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Genetically engineered to be superior.


Star Trek Behind the Scenes


People keep messaging me about my opinion on this whole Orci thing so I guess I will just put it out there.

I do like the reboots but I don’t think Orci should direct. He hasn’t directed before it would just be better to get someone with experience. Considering this is the 50th anniversary.

Anyways some of the suggestions I am seeing on here for a director are good but also bad. Some of the bad suggestions are people I like in other positions but NOT as directors. Some of you guys need to do a bit of research before just throwing names out there.

I think they should bring in someone new for the last film. Someone fresh but good. Although I would love it if Meyer came aboard but I feel like he would also have to be a writer. I doubting both of those things will happen.

Anyways that is my bit on this whole thing. I won’t be reblogging any of this Stop Orci stuff because just seeing this stuff on my dash is stressing me out and I don’t have the stomach for that.

It’s funny how the genesis of TWOK and that of ST2009 & STID are so eerily similar… Meyer was not a Star Trek fan, he was brought in as a hyped outsider, a young genius director likely to salvage a franchise that was losing money and turn the movies into blockbusters. And he did exactly that, (by taking various different approaches that also happen in the reboot and that have the haters nowadays screaming bloody murder about, but they find it wonderful in TWOK); he undoubtedly was the JJ of that time period), and yet the haters in the fandom are utterly blind to all of it and so focused on hating the reboot just for hate’s sake that they don’t even stop to see their double standards…

The same fans who bash JJ and Orci etc. also worship the ground Meyer steps on, or anything from classic Trek. And while I love Meyer and TWOK etc. (and anything classic Trek pretty much), I also love the reboot and find the haters’ double standards utterly ridiculous.

I am trying to avoid seeing any of the hate by unfollowing every single person who posts any hate. I don’t care if I liked their other posts before, the instant they post hate towards any Trek, they are gone from my dash.

He wanted to exploit my savagery!  

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So I have read some of the posts that are in this tag but I am still confused.. I read that he is a royal douchebag like no other, he treats fans like scum, etc etc but what I want to know is what other issues in 09 and ID is he responsible for?

I really don’t know so no yelling please. Lists are nice. I have already read his replies and other places links lead to.


He is demonized by some of the fans but he is neither a douchebag nor does he treat fans like scum. I would know, I interacted with him a lot when he was still online.

He is being witch-unted for being human. Mostly because of having snapped and told someone to fuck off, after some of the bullies had been harassing him for days on his twitter etc.

People are taking every word he ever uttered (whether in relation to Star Trek or totally unrelated things) and blowing it out of proportion to fuel the hate-machine and the bullying.

Some of the bullies in the fandom think it’s ok to go as far as daily harassment and even death threats, but when an author says something like “fuck off” (even if it was in response to a milder post, he just snapped after so much), they act like he should be publicly hunted down… It’s so unfair.

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there’s nothing worse than seeing someone who deserves the world and the best it offers being treated unfairly and you can see them slowly being broken

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While Benedict is poised and eloquent, he has that added factor of being a complete dork, just like the rest of us, and I only love him more for it! ;) 



Star Trek into Darkness

I know i’ve reblogged this one before but I cannot get over how beautiful he is.

Same. *-*

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Everythingcase requested: Khan

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Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere/London (2013)

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